We offer various security services to varied segments like Energy, Power, Telecom, IT, Retailing, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Textiles among others. The type of services offered by Top Marshal comprises of Personal Security, Verification Security, Detective services and many.

Top Marshal Security Services

Security is our central part of our business. We make available our customers with a range of customized security services that offer a complete security solution and meet their specific needs. We are a professional security agency in Nagpur providing customized security arrangements to the industrial and profit-making business houses.  We provide a team of well-skilled and highly trained personnel so as to relieve our clients of all bothers appertaining to their security, safety, and management.

We have a professional team of experienced and qualified staff consisting of Ex-service Officers and other dynamic educated young workforce backed by years of rich experience in the field of Security.

Top Marshal Security Services Include But Not Limited To The Following:

  • Building Management
  • Industrial Security
  • Hotel Security
  • School Security
  • Bank Security
  • Armed Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Hospital Security
  • Electronic Security
  • Range of Services
  • Event Security
  • Commercial Security
  • Mall Security
  • Residential security
  • Bouncers / Bodyguards
  • Personal Security
  • Dog Squad


Top Marshal Investigation & Detection

Man is the most curious creature that has always encouraged to go deep in investigating the mysteries. As the technology is advancing the method of investigation and detection is also growing.

Our field staff verifies a candidate's physical address by personally visiting the location of dwelling with private not to contact the candidate's. In case if a person not being available at the specified address, information is gathered from neighbors and another day is selected to visit the specified address again.

Our Investigation & Detection services are based on complete and accurate information. This service can allow the average person or business to gather up secret or privately held information about employees or others. Moreover, we are focused in providing both individual as well as corporate level verification services. Our investigation team will retrieve detailed information about the subject in question and assemble a complete report for you.

Top Marshal Investigation & Detection Services Include But Not Limited To The Following:

  • Identity Validation
  • Address Verification – past, current and permanent
  • Education Credentials Verification
  • Past and Current Employment verification
  • Company genuineness status checks
  • Professional and Personal Reference Checks
  • Gap Verification – In education, employment and occupation of residential address
  • Passport, Driving Licence, Voter’s card, PAN Card Verification from their Department.
  • Corporate Surveillance and investigations
  • Criminal Record/background verification from Police Department.
  • Income Tax Return validation
  • Bankruptcy/credit default verification
  • Property ownership validation
  • Database checks – Indian.
  • Finger printing
  • Political contacts checks of employee.
  • Overseas checks – education, employment, addresses, Criminal Records, etc.
  • Professional licenses